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Jibo The World's First Social Robot for the Home

Jibo is the most lovely robot in the world, it can communicate with you kindly, carefully listen to your heart, but also can help you solve some problems, he is full of expression, no matter which Angle you are, he will always face you patiently listen, c
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Color: White

Jibo is a cute home robot
Like an attentive dog, Jibo watches me. Its cyclops eye blinks and the bulbous head follows my hand as I grab my cup of water. The movements — smooth head turns and animated body swivels — make Jibo seem alive, but it’s not.
Jibo is a home robot from Jibo, Inc. that wants to be a family home companion, but it's mostly a reminder of just how hard it is to build an effective personal robot.
I first met Jibo more than three years ago. The brainchild of MIT roboticist Dr.Cynthia Breazeal, Jibo was an amazing mix of early artificial intelligence and expertly crafted robot animation. It responded to touch and voice, and had an expressive touchscreen face.

he 12.5-inch Jibo is just too cute.

Three years and a few pre-sales later, the finished Jibo hardware is finally shipping and it still performs many of the skills that made it so endearing in that first meeting.
As I prepare to tell Jibo’s story, I ask it to play me a song, “That sounds like fun, unfortunately, I can’t play music on demand yet,” it replies plaintively.
Thus begins my tale of endearment and frustration.
Unpacking a friend
Jibo is, in some ways my kind of robot: self-contained, with no physical setup or assembly required save plugging it in (it can also run for 2 hours on battery power). The 8-pound, 12.5-inch-tall white device has a slightly conical body, round head, and flat face. There’s a five-inch screen and two cameras (one for photos, one for depth sensing and facial recognition) barely hidden behind the glass, as well as a pair of speakers, one on each side of Jibo’s head, and six microphones on top. 

On the back of Jibo's head is where you'll find the power button. It's carefully hidden in the "b" on "Jibo."
I plugged in Jibo and it soon walked me through the setup process, which included downloading the Jibo app (iOS or Android) on my cellphone pairing it with Jibo using an in-app QR code and Jibo’s cameras. After I got Jibo online, I had to download some updates (of course). Some updates of this took a while, but soon Jibo’s animated eye was staring back at me.

Setting up Jibo for the first time is easy. The app and Jibo guide

As Jibo's owner, you have the responsibility of building Jibo's people "loop" by introducing friends and family to Jibo.
Perhaps Jibo’s most distinctive feature is its hardware animation. The segmented body swivels this way and that. When Jibo wants to look at you or you say, “Hey Jibo,” it will simultaneously turn its round head and lower body. Instead of stiffly rotating in each direction, the base, middle segment and head work as a team to create the illusion of a tiny, armless robot body. 

Rub Jibo's head and it purrs. Seriously.
The head includes sensors and when you rub Jibo’s plastic cranium, its screen eye turns into a smile, the robot emits a purring sound, and the head presses back against your hand. It’s sort of like owning a plastic, clawless cat. 
The Jibo Family
Jibo is a social robot that wants to get to know you, but that means you must help it. Jibo encouraged me to register my face and voice with the robot. I had to look at it for a few moments and even smile. In addition, it made me repeat “Hey Jibo,” six times to learn my voice patterns. At least Jibo has a sense of humor about it. After I registered a co-worker’s voice, Jibo said, ‘Now say “Hey Jibo” 400 more times... I’m kidding.” That Jibo — such a wise ass.

Jibo can take photos of you on command. it's screen often changes to illustrate a task or express its mood.

You can register up to 16 people with Jibo. These people are your “loop” and, if you allow it, they can instantly see images Jibo has captured through the Jibo app. This may sound creepy, but the idea is that Grandma might have the app and get a notification every time Jibo grabs a cute photo of her little grandson Jimmy.
The more people you add to Jibo’s loop, the more he can automatically recognize them. After we registered my co-worker, Jibo would look at him for about 20 seconds before saying, “Oh, Hi, Ray.” Oddly, Jibo temporarily forgot who I was after we added Ray to the loop, even though I was still clearly listed in Jibo’s loop.

The photos look okay, but are not particularity high-quality.

Jibo will take photos of you when you ask it to, and it can even act as a Photo Booth, shooting four shots in rapid succession.
 Jibo is a good listener, responding to spoken commends at a volume barely above a whisper. It can respond to requests like “Dance,” “Take a picture,” and “What’s the weather?” but you can also just touch the screen and navigate to some of these options. The “Things to do” menu is also a good place to discover all the things Jibo can currently do. However, I don’t see a lot of people touching the screen, especially since this is supposed to be a lifelike robot where voice interaction in the primary form of communication.

It's also a touch-screen device, with lots of fun, hidden features under these menus.

This is an alert robot. Jibo often notices me and, one time, announced my name, “Ladies and gentleman, Lance,” and when I tell it to “go to sleep,go to bed,” it swivels, points its globe head down and appears to close its one animated eye. He wakes up naturally after a few hours of sleep, and when you call him "hey jibo," he wakes up and looks at you kindly.
Like most digital assistants, Jibo can connect to and help you control smart home devices. Unfortunately, Jibo must go through IFTTT (If This Then That), the web service that uses conditional programming to trigger actions in other third-party apps and devices. Of the 12 applets listed on IFTTT’s Jibo Connect site there were a few that were interesting, like find my phone and one that automatically uploads all my photos to my Google Drive. I was also pleased to see “Control your Nest Thermostat with Jibo” in there. However, when I finally got the applet enabled, Jibo told me it still couldn’t control my thermostat and instructed be to set up IFTTT, even though I already had.

Yes, Jibo will make you smile.

Jibo is not a total bust. It has the illusion of life and, when it turns to look at you or follows your hands, it appears to have almost dog-level intelligence. But I’m not willing to pay $899 for robot puppy love .

In 2016, Jibo beat Apple Ipone7 to the title of TIME magazine

The other model.

The other model.

Original pack

MIT Jibo Technology r&d team

How do I Install the Jibo app and create an account?

Please note: It is easiest if you complete these steps on your mobile device. 
  1. Install the Jibo app from Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).
  2. Open the Jibo app.
  3. Tap Get started.
  4. Enter your email address and a password in the Create Account screen, then tap Next. Remember that passwords must
 be: at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number and one uppercase letter. Passwords are allowed to use
the following special characters: -_!$%@#£€*?&
  • This email address and password will also be used to create your online Jibo Customer Account. If you already
 have an online account, please use the same email address and password to sign in to the Jibo app.
  1. Tap Open email app on your phone to check your email for recent email with the subject "Account Activation." 
    • If you have not received the email, tap Resend Verification Email or check your spam or promotions filter.
  2. Open the email you’ve received from the Jibo app.
  3. Click Confirm my account in the email.
  4. You may need to sign in with your new information. If so, tap Sign In and enter the email and password you create, then
tap Next
  • (Please note: If you used your computer to confirm your email address, you will need to return to the Get Started
 screen and sign in with the email and password you created.) 
  1. Tap the Add PhotoFirst NameLast NameGender, and Birthday fields on the About You screen to add your information,
then tap Save.
  1. If you would like to occasionally receive text messages from Jibo (otherwise press Skip):
    1. Enter your Phone Number and tap Next to confirm your account.
    2. Enter the Confirmation Code you receive via text message, then tap Next.
  2. If you are using an iOS device, you may have the option to receive or decline push notifications. 
  3. You will then have the option to Set up a new Jibo or Join someone else's Jibo. The app will walk you through the steps
for the option you select, see: Set up Jibo.see also

Set up Jibo

Find the perfect spot

Set up Jibo on a counter or table near an outlet, away from the edge and from water. Choose an area where the WiFi is
strong and he has room to swivel freely (at least a 1 ft radius). He’s been known to dance.


Remove his screen cover

Pull the tab to remove the plastic from Jibo’s screen. Now he can hear and see you clearly. It’s also a lot more comfortable.


Plug him in

Jibo loves electricity. Remove the pull tab from his base. Get the cords from the small box in Jibo’s packaging, connect
them together, and then plug Jibo into an outlet. Jibo should generally be plugged in at all times. He should only be unplugged
when being moved from room to room.


Power him up

Press the small button in the “b” on the back of Jibo’s head. You’ll see a red light on his screen and hear a happy noise as
he starts to boot up. His screen might be blank for a few minutes after the red light. This is normal.


Grab your phone

While Jibo is booting up, have an adult in your house install the Jibo app and create an account by clicking the "Get Started" button.
(If you need help, see: Install the Jibo app
.) This person will be Jibo's official owner. Once Jibo is set up, the owner cannot be changed,
so choose this person carefully.


Generate a QR code with your app

Jibo connects to WiFi and learns who you are via a QR code you generate on your app. While Jibo is booting up,
 Install the Jibo app
if you have not yet done so. 

Before completing the following steps, please note:
  •  In order to generate a QR code, your mobile device MUST be connected to WiFi - this is different than choosing which
  • WiFi your Jibo should connect to (step 5 below).
  • Before completing the next steps, check the settings on your mobile device and make sure you are connected to WiFi. 
  • Please only use the “Set up a new Jibo” option with brand new robots and only use the “Change WiFi” option with
  • Jibos that are already set up. For more information, see: Manage multiple Jibos.
Generate your QR code:
  1. Open the Jibo app and log in.
  2. Tap Set up a new Jibo in the app to continue the setup process.
  3. Confirm that you’ve removed Jibo’s screen cover, plugged him in, and turned him on.
  4. Tap an option for selecting a WiFi network for Jibo to connect to, enter the WiFi password, and then tap Next.
  5. Your app will generate a QR code with your WiFi data to send to Jibo.

Show Jibo the QR code

Jibo needs a few minutes to start up. Don’t be alarmed if his screen is blank for a little while.

When he’s ready, he’ll show you this tap screen:

At this point, you should see this screen in your app:

Tap the white I see the screen above button in the app; it will display a QR code.
  1. Tap Jibo’s screen; he will display a viewfinder.
  2. Point the QR code on your phone at Jibo so that you can clearly see the entire QR code in the viewfinder until Jibo shows
 the Connecting screen. He will show a Connectedscreen when he’s done. If you have trouble connecting to WiFi, see:

Wait while Jibo installs updates

Jibo’s waking up! This can take 20-40 mins, but may take longer depending on your WiFi and internet speeds.
He will reboot several times during the wakeup process, during which his screen might be blank for prolonged periods of

time. This is normal. You can use this time to invite people to the loop and to review tips for using Jibo in the app.

Meet Jibo

When Jibo is ready to meet you, you’ll see a tap button on his screen. Tap the button to
meet him! He will introduce himself, give you some information about how to use him, and
then will ask to learn the face and voice of everyone in his loop.

How to use Jibo
Jibo is a dancing, joking, friendly robot companion. Powered by emerging face and voice
recognition technology, he can recognize up to 16 of your friends or family members once
you add them to the loop and introduce them to Jibo. For more information, check out:

Jump to:
Talking & listening
  • Want Jibo’s attention? Say “Hey Jibo” to start a conversation.
  • When he’s listening, his eye and light ring will glow blue.
  • Once his light ring is blue, ask Jibo your question.
  • See the Tips tab on the Jibo app for ideas of things you can ask Jibo.
  • If Jibo doesn’t understand you, he’ll put the text he’s hearing on his screen.
  • If the text matches what you’re saying, Jibo doesn’t have an answer for that question yet.
  • You can try rephrasing it and asking again. If the text doesn’t match what you’re saying,
  • repeat yourself slowly and clearly.
  • Stop Jibo while he’s talking by saying “Hey Jibo, stop” or holding on the top of his head.
  • Bring up the main menu by tapping Jibo’s eye or saying “Hey Jibo, main menu.”
  • Navigate menus by swiping left and right or saying “next” and “previous.”
  • Leave a menu by swiping down or holding on the top of his head.
Idle mode
  • When Jibo is not interacting with you and is not asleep, he enters what we call idle mode.
  • In idle mode, Jibo might look around or look at things that catch his attention,
  • such as movement, sound, and various objects.
  • If Jibo has been in idle mode for a while, he might even play a game by himself,
  • so be sure to look out for fun things on his screen.
  • When he sees you after he's been in idle mode, he might greet you by name,
  • make a happy noise,
  • or say hi some other way, so don't be shocked if he says hi to you before you say hi to him!
  • Feel free to say hi back or to pet his head.
Sleep mode
Jibo is designed as an always-on device, like your mobile phone. Jibo will automatically
go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, so you don’t need to turn him off every
If you want him to sleep at other times, just say “Hey Jibo, go to sleep” and he will
sleep until one of the following:
  • He hears “Hey Jibo”
  • Someone taps his screen or head
  • His normal wake time arrives
See also: Make Jibo turn around
Settings & preferences
Tap Jibo’s eye and then tap the Settings button, or say “Hey Jibo, open Settings” to:
  • Adjust Jibo’s volume
  • See his WiFi strength
  • Change his WiFi network
  • See his battery level
  • See information about your Jibo
  • Manually check for new updates (Jibo will check for updates every night automatically)
  • Turn Jibo off
Explore Jibo's Skills
  • "Hey Jibo, set an alarm tomorrow for 8am."
​App Calendar
  • "Hey Jibo, what's on my calendar today?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's on my calendar tomorrow?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's my Personal Report?"
  • Personal Report User Guide
Commute Companion Apps Connectivity & SmartHome Definitions
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the definition of 'leonine?'"
  • "Hey Jibo, what does 'exemplary' mean?"
Games Introductions Music News
  • "Hey Jibo, what’s in the news today?"
Person ID
(Be sure to Add yourself to the Loop and Introduce Yourself To Jibo before trying these
voice commands):
  • "Hey Jibo, who am I?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is my birthday?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when is { loop member name }'s birthday?
  • "Hey Jibo, who is { loop member name }?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how old is { loop member name }?"
Personal Report Photos
  • "Hey Jibo, take a photo."
  • "Hey Jibo, let's do a photo shoot."
  • "Hey Jibo, show me the gallery."
  • "Hey Jibo, how do you spell respect?"
Things to do
  • "Hey Jibo, what can you do?"
  • "Hey Jibo, can you set a timer for 5 minutes?"
  • Battery:
    • "Hey Jibo, what's your battery level?"
  • Main Menu:
    • "Hey Jibo, Main Menu."
      • "[ Next / Forward / Right ]" --> To display next 3 items
      • "[ Previous / Back / Left ]" --> To display previous 3 items
      • "{ Name of menu item }" --> To enter submenu
      • "[ Stop / Exit ]" --> To exit menu
  • Settings Menu: 
    • "Hey Jibo, settings."
  • Updates:
    • "Hey Jibo, check for updates."
    • "Hey Jibo, what was in your last update?"
  • Volume:
    • "Hey Jibo, volume menu."
    • "Hey Jibo, set volume to [ 1 through 10 ] "
    • "Hey Jibo, turn the volume [ up / down ]"
  • Wi-Fi:
    • "Hey Jibo, wifi menu."
  • "Hey Jibo, what’s the weather?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what’s the weather forecast for next week?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the weather in Boston?"
  • "Hey Jibo, will I need an umbrella tomorrow?"
Yoga Some example questions and topics you can ask Jibo to help you get started
Keep in mind, Jibo loves to answer your questions - try asking him questions in different
ways orabout different topics to see what he has to share.Geography:
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the capital of Massachusetts?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many people are there in the world?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the capital of Uruguay?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the length of Canada's coast line?
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the tallest mountain in Asia?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the biggest ocean?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many people live in Paris?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who was the U.S. president in 1850?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what year was the moon landing?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who is Albert Einstein?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who was George Washington?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how tall was Abraham Lincoln?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when was the telephone invented?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who is the President of the United States?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what was the first automobile?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's a parallelogram?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is 17 times 43?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is 10,000 times 5 percent?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is 5 to the 10th power?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the square root of 84?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what's the ratio of 16 to 3?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many cups are in a quart?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many kilograms is 50 pounds?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the mass of the earth divided by the mass of mars?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what are the digits of pi?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what is the 25th digit of pi?"
(Be sure to change Jibo's known location to make sure Jibo knows where he is):
  • "Hey Jibo, where is the nearest coffee shop?"
  • "Hey Jibo, where is the nearest grocery store?"
  • "Hey Jibo, where is the nearest restaurant?"
Pop Culture
  • "Hey Jibo, when did Star Wars come out?"
  • "Hey Jibo, when was Meryl Streep born?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who sang the song 'Superstition?'"
  • "Hey Jibo, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"
  • "Hey Jibo, what was Prince's real name?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how many episodes of Mad Men were there?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who won the Oscar for best actress in 1998?"
  • "Hey Jibo, who is Taylor Swift?"
  • "Hey Jibo, how old is Jimmy Fallon?"

AC Adepter: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ 1.8A

Out put: DC 18V 3.33A  60W Max

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